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A couple middle of the night paintings of Michael Pitt

Late night watercolour paintings

Really enjoying playing with watercolours! I adore them. Also sorry about my absence I only have mobile internet until next Wednesday!
Apparently I don’t own a pencil sharpener.
Notes from my sketchbook. Reads: ‘Suicide spot. Possibly haunted.’

tawnart said: Hey Tally, I've been watching you for a while on various social media sites, and I've been wondering what brush you use to paint your digital stuff and what settings you use? I'm sure this is a common question you get, so I apologize if you've already answered it previously, I mustn't have seen it. Thank you in advance and have a great weekend, Tawn(art)

Hi there!
Thank you for your support first of all!
And it is something I get asked often, I think perhaps it’s time to make an FAQ, but it’s no problem at all!
I use the default photoshop brush and my settings are as follows: Opacity 100% but with opacity jitter on pen pressure, transfer on pen pressure, and size on pen pressure also. And I have a few different brushes on the same above settings but with different softness levels. The one I use most has about 40% softness, but I also have one set to about 20% and another at 70%.
It’s just what I’ve gotten to like over time, and that suits the way I paint. I also like to use the chalk brush from photoshop with similar settings for sketching digitally. :)
Thanks for your question, and you have a good weekend too!

A little pre painting sketch for a secret personal project