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Illustrator, Enchanted by the Past, Fairytale Lover, Halloween Enthusiast.

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Late night painting

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Warm up from earlier, I love making characters from ads and editorials.
Dandy Dita, Visit my Blog for more photos: here
I’ll upload full versions tomorrow.
Evening watercolour time 💘 What’s your favourite time period/decade? And why? I can never decide

sweetririfan said: how did you learn to draw? I love your work!!!

I’m so terribly sorry for the late reply, I’ve only just got my internet back up and running properly.

I’m so glad you like my art! and to give you a brief overview, basically I started off as a young child drawing characters from my imagination, then as a young teenager I would do realistic pencil portraits, before starting on more stylised characters, and life drawing, and more. It’s just lots and lots of practice, trying new things, drawing from life, then applying that knowledge to drawing without reference, and perseverance.


dieyoungandtrustnoone said: OMG I love your artwork. I am so jealous!!!!

Thank you so much, I’m happy you like it! (Ps. Love your url & icon!) 


Painting based on a vintage gown called ‘Venus’ by Christian Dior from their Autumn/Winter collection in 1949/50. Pay a visit to my blog for more information and photos of the original gown: here.

A couple middle of the night paintings of Michael Pitt