Natalie 'Tally' Todd. UK based Artist, Enchanted by the Past, Fairytale Lover, Halloween Enthusiast.

For Commission or Business Enquiries:

Some witch and gremlin sketches! Planning on making these two into ongoing characters.

Tally Todd | Society6

Quick note to say that I’ve been able to upload to Society 6 and my Snow White piece is up and available as prints and other things too!

I will make a proper post later, but just wanted to let you all know, as I’ve been asked!


Started my October moleskine off with a little Haunted Mansion

Does anybody know any good websites for Business Cards?

I’ve been looking at Vista Print, but I’m not sure about their image quality and their pricing seems.. complicated with lots of add ons, 

Thanks in advance!

So I ended up completely redrawing my header, I like this one better. 

Inked this quickly in between pieces!

Another disney doodle, my disney trip is so soon! Expect lots more disney sketches this October !
New header!

aspiringamazon said: Really nice Victor art wow. But what about Emily :0

Victor was actually just a little practice sketch, but I may do a Victor and Emily piece (a proper piece) very soon, I do love them!

Working on a new header!