Tally Todd

Natalie 'Tally' Todd. UK based Artist, Enchanted by the Past, Fashion, Vintage Style, and Fairytales.

For Commission or Business Enquiries: tallytodd@hotmail.com

Jack Skellington!
Aunt Spiker and centipede were my always my favourites, and I was obsessed with James and the Giant Peach as a child… Oh wait I still am
Spiker and Sponge!
Thought it was about time I drew him!
Starting work on a new project!

I’m going to be selling some quicker sketches at very reasonable prices on my Etsy shop, check it out: https://www.etsy.com/listing/201383515/bicycle-summer-original-illustration

Some vintage bag studies

Gemma Arterton’s freckles are everything.

I just had to paint her makeup.
My favourite looks from the VMAs